Procedural Tree Generator for Modo
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Oh shit!

by S.K.O
20 hours ago

VUE without competition

by John
20 hours ago

Can you please give us a walkthrough how to implement this into Maya? would be super helpful. Thanks a lot.

Procedural Tree Generator for Modo
26 June, 2019

Have a look at Tropism for Modo – a fully procedural tree/vine/vein generator plugin built on custom Mesh Operators. The tool lets users generate trees and other types of foliage, plus a number of branching structures.

The developer states that it is based on the Space Colonization Algorithm (non-exclusive permission) by Adam Runions.


  • Grow entities like trees, shrubs, plants, twigs, hedges, veins, vines, lightning bolts in real time
  • Grow inside mesh boundaries, on mesh surfaces, along curves, in particle systems…
  • Paint particles on mesh surfaces and see vines grow in real time where you paint
  • Define the location of the growth using one or more locators (roots)
  • With several roots, all entities will compete for space without branch collisions
  • Use mesh volumes, deformers, effectors to shape, deform and animate the growth
  • High/Low-poly generation controls
  • Mesh UV-mapping automatically generated
  • Control the growth using curve guides
  • Twig/Leaf system controls
  • Create custom billboards and scatter leaves using Modo Replicators
  • Multiple animation controls for growth
  • Sketch or create random twigs and bake to textures
  • And much more…. visit the forum

You can learn more and get the tool for 50.00 here

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