Re-Lighting an Unreal Engine 4 Scene With Unreal Engine 5

Peyton Varney has demonstrated how to give a 6-years-old environment a more realistic look with UE5's new lighting features.

Environment Texture Artist at Naughty Dog and Tutorial-Maker Peyton Varney has released a new video covering the re-lighting process in Unreal Engine 5. In this video, the artist showed how to re-light a 6-years-old environment that was initially lit using Unreal Engine 4 with baked lighting and a lot of  Spot and Point Lights.

Peyton demonstrated the entire re-lighting pipeline from start to finish, diving deep into Unreal Engine 5's new lighting-related features and its Lumen system, showing how to get rid of the old UE4 lighting, and explaining how to give even more realistic looks to an aged environment. You can check out the video attached above or by visiting the author's YouTube page.

Recently, VFX Artist Dylan Browne shared a similar project that also involved improving an old UE4 project with UE5. Instead of a personal environment, the artist managed to upgrade a 10-year-old UE4 Elemental Demo and completely re-light it with UE5's Lumen and Volumetric Fog. You can check out the result down below.

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