Recreating a Scene from Death Stranding with Megascans Assets

A few Megascans assets that will help you create a Death Stranding inspired scene.

Recently, we've shared Pasquale Scionti's scene inspired by Death Stranding and created with Quixel Megascans among other software. For this week's digest, we decided to pick a few assets that will be spot-on for the recreation of the Death Stranding world, a tiny piece, at least, and will help set up the right mood. Check them out!

1. Cracked Beach Rock

A bit polished cracked rock surface will go well as a base for the ground. Besides, it looks quite similar to those areas where Sam travels and will fit in with its blueish color tone. 

2. Mossy Creek Stones

The game's plot takes place in the apocalyptic USA, shows tons of beautiful places, especially, in the mountains or near the water. Mossed stones will be a good addition to diversify the scene and create a storyline.

3. Marram Grass

When it comes to vegetation, the new game's world includes a lot of little plants that are able to grow almost anywhere as well as half-dead grass. We've picked Marram Grass but feel free to choose any you like. 

4. Thai Beach Branch

Dead branches can set an abandoned mood right away. Tweak them with moss and dirt to make the branches blend in with the rest of the scene.

5. Dead Tree

Dead trees will help you set the vibe the same way as dead branches. You can place them almost anywhere, on the beach or on the hill, and it will definitely look good. 

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