Richard Lico Shares Streamlines Animation Workflow
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Los Angeles US   27, Sep — 1, Oct
Moscow RU   4, Oct — 8, Oct
Prague CZ   5, Oct — 7, Oct
São Paulo BR   10, Oct — 15, Oct
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I feel like you can shoot this after printing it out...

by Oneiros
45 min ago

And yes, these video are made using the standard unity pipeline but we will release soon also the HDRP version. Stay tuned!

by Oneiros
50 min ago

Hi khiree.taylan, the projects could run in multiplatform. The graphics showed in these videos are made using a gtx 1070 but soon we will release also the mobile version :)

Richard Lico Shares Streamlines Animation Workflow
16 August, 2018

If you’re lucky enough to be in Canada this week at Siggraph, be sure to check out the amazing talk by awesome person and a great animator Richard Lico. The cool thing about this particular approach is that he created an absolutely unique workflow, which allowed him to build very cool Disney’like animations for a VR-game Moss, without any mocaps or a huge team of developers. Be at East Building, Ballroom BC on Thursday, 16 August 2018 at 9 AM!


Animation in games and real-time applications presents a frontier of technical challenges as we advance toward higher fidelity and more believable performances and interactivity. Real-time rendered graphics are achieving photoreal and precise artistic results, while character animation continues to encounter many hurdles in the climb out of the uncanny valley. In this area of computer graphics, we continue to see new breakthroughs in real-time algorithms as well as the tools and features to empower artists to efficiently craft the highest quality animation content.

Animation Director, Richard Lico (Polyarc) will showcase the unique technical animation workflow that enabled him to create all of the motion content for Polyarc’s VR game, Moss without a team of people, and without mocap. Technical Artist, David Hunt (Unity Technologies) will present details for recording production-quality motion capture using a personal mocap solution, accompanied by demonstration of tools for editing mocap and animation authoring in-engine. We will hear interviews with professional mocap talent about how to make memorable character performances. Principal Research Engineer, Michael Butner (Unity Technologies) will present a novel high-quality real-time motion synthesizer and a new concept for character control that allows precise specification of the character movement, constraints and goals.”

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