Rock Generator for 3ds Max
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by juaxix
12 hours ago

I'm in!!

by Arzach
15 hours ago

Trying to steal Vray's thunder.

I'm gonna wait for Steam version

Rock Generator for 3ds Max
13 May, 2018

Have a look at a mighty Rock Generator for 3ds Max by Poly Design. The script brings tons of useful features, giving you all the tools to generate all kinds of rock shapes in no time. 


  • This script generates procedural random shaped rocks both low poly and high poly.
  • Low poly mesh matches too close to high poly mesh so you can easily bake a normal map from high poly to low poly. 
  • The low poly mesh is automatically relaxed UVW mapped. 
  • Low poly mesh has clear non-overlapping UV’s. 
  • You can change advanced parameters or you can simply click “random seed” then click “generate detailed rock” it will give totally different results. 
  • If you want to create same rock more than once, you can use same seed number to generate rock. 
  • Use live parameters to quickly adjust shape and details. 
  • Live resize mode has been added. 
  • You can now create asteroid like rock shapes 
  • You can use manual edit tool to manipulate rock shape 
  • You can use intensity slider to negative values for interesting effects

Poly Design

You can learn more about the tool here

Buy the script for $16.80 ($24.00)


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