Simon Stålenhag Tribute by Wiktor Öhman
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by Evolover
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We don't care. RIP Crytek.

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5 hours ago

I believe the scaling and sliding videos are swapped

С ума сойти как круто!

Software & Tools
Simon Stålenhag Tribute by Wiktor Öhman
5 July, 2017

Quixel’s lead artist created an amazing set of 3d scenes, showing the incredible beauty of famous 2d landscapes by Simon Stålenhag (check out some of his books).

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve published a number of tutorials, provided by Wiktor Öhman – the lead artist at Quixel. He’s been showing how you can use Megascans to build beautiful environments with Unreal Engine 4. Seems like all of these videos were actually part of the bigger and much more ambitious project.

A day ago Wiktor shared a set of beautiful images and videos, which show his own 3d renditions of the famous sci-fi landscapes by Simon Stålenhag.

All of these are rendered in real-time with Unreal Engine 4. All the natural assets are actually taken from Megascans, with some slight modeling work done on the robots and other hard-surface assets. Looks pretty insane.

It should be noted, that this is not the first project, inspired by the amazing work of Simon Stålenhag. If you go on Artstation, you’re bound to find a lot of nice concepts, created by the artist’s fans (both in 2d and 3d). It’s about time someone actually made a nice game out of Stålenhag’s work.

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