Spider-Man: A Deep Dive Into the Look Creation of Manhattan
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Oh shit!

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VUE without competition

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Can you please give us a walkthrough how to implement this into Maya? would be super helpful. Thanks a lot.

Spider-Man: A Deep Dive Into the Look Creation of Manhattan
14 April, 2019

Don’t miss a recording of another session on Spider-Man from GDC 2019. This time, Ryan Benno, Brian Mullen, and Matthew McAuliffe will tell you about the way their team set up the entire city of Manhattan.

“For Marvel’s Spider-Man, the goal of creating a vast and lived-in Manhattan was daunting, considering it was five times the size of Insomniac’s previous open-world game, Sunset Overdrive,” states the description. “Focusing on the game’s artistic side, Matt McAuliffe, Brian Mullen and Ryan Benno will take deep dives into how each department handled the creation of materials, textures, models, set dressing and lighting across the entire city of Manhattan, and how all of these assets came together.” The artist discussed how they leveraged techniques and technologies such as Substance Designer, and how their in-house tools evolved throughout the project.

The session was led by Ryan Benno who is a Senior Environment Artist with over 10 years of experience working in the games industry. The artist has spent 5 years at Insomniac Games (previously worked at Infinity Ward and Telltale Games on the Call of Duty and The Walking Dead franchises). He’s also the co-host of The Environment Art Podcast, with Justin Rodriguez. The second host was Brian Mullen, Senior Lighting Artist at Insomniac Games, who was responsible for several missions and cinematics as well as developing the look of the open-world New York City lighting/atmosphere. You will also hear Matthew McAuliffe, a Material Artist at Insomniac Games, who created, updated, and implemented textures and materials for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The goal of the ClearCut courses is to teach you a solid workflow that is used in the AAA game industry. The first episode covers the process of creating an AAA fire hydrant from start to finish.

Any future updates are included and will be available for download in case they are released. Next episodes are not included.

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Woah, I never knew this much work was needed to create an open world game like this!

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