Spider-Man System for Unreal

Here is something good for all Spidey fans. Thwip! 

Check out the latest project of Lewis Fiford, the result of his Youtube series 'Let's Make, which recreates a Spider-Man-style traversal system in Unreal. Please note that this is more of a coding exercise, so it's a production-ready product featuring some bugs.

Still, it includes a bunch of cool features and interesting systems for your personal projects in Unreal Engine 4. 


  • Animated low poly Spider-Man-style character
  • Wall running on any surface (Including curved geometry)
  • Edge detection
  • Web Swinging 
  • Web-Zip Move
  • Point Launch move
  • 100% UE4 Blueprints
  • Foot IK system with IK driven animations

You can learn more and get the pack for £0.99+ here

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