Stormland – A New Approach to VR
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Stormland - A New Approach to VR
7 June, 2018

Insomniac Games has presented the team’s next game, Stormland. It is an open-world VR game that focuses is all about exploration, and you can play by yourself or with other players online.

You will play as an android gardener who has to take care of an alien world. And then the bad guys show up to wreck both your body and the environment you care about. Your task is to repair the body, upgrade it, and fight back.

“The big idea is that we’re presenting a world that changes over time and reveals a playground of movement and combat and loot — and then we turn you loose to explore this world freely with a set of android movement abilities,” Insomniac’s Chad Dezern said to Polygon. “You can fly above the slipstream, you can use a laser to make a ramp and then launch yourself off of that. You can vault yourself up cliffs, and then push off and glide back down, all the while controlling your descent with your outstretched hands.”


  • Move with velocity. Explore the open world with exhilarating freedom. Fly through the slipstream, kick up a cloud ramp, launch up to a cliff, and glide back down with all-new Touch mechanics.
  • Discover a changing otherworld. The Tempest rearranges the Stormland to reveal new challenges—and new playgrounds of movement, combat, and scavenging. Your Satellite watches from above to guide you to the best upgrades.

  • Join a community of androids. Weather the storm together. Link up to the satellite, join up for Stormland raids, and collaborate on shared missions for the benefit of android gardeners everywhere.
  • Fight with freeform style. Equip makeshift weapons to overcome the Tempest’s army of synthetic troops and mutated creatures. Augment your android abilities to cloak your body, manifest shields, and harness electricity. Find new tech, build yourself up, and discover just how far you can push past the limits of your design.

As a gardener, you will discover new islands, weapons, and creatures, and don’t forget about attacking enemy strongholds. The gameplay also revolves around scavenging equipment on the path to becoming a warrior.

Stormland is said to be a more serious approach to the world of VR releases, so Insomniac sees it as an evolution of the studio’s path. 

“This is taking components from the open world structure and the gameplay systems we’ve made for games like Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive, and it’s marrying them to an evolved form of the VR mechanics that we’ve developed in Edge of Nowhere, Feral Rightsand The Unspoken,” Dezern meantioned.

You can find more details on the game here and there

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