Strategic Game Building Sounds for Unreal Engine
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Very interesting article, thanks for sharing!

astounding work there - hope someone important notices! I'm just jrpg fan. . . somebody needs to hire you!

by Sir Charles
13 hours ago

Yasss you guys rule so much LOVE please do the next part!!!

Strategic Game Building Sounds for Unreal Engine
9 February, 2017
Bartosz Kamol Kaminski has presented a pack of sounds for the developers of strategy games on Unreal Engine Marketplace. 10 ready to use files will perfectly represent different kinds of buildings.  

Making of





The pack features 10 ready to use building sounds for strategic games. Sounds were recorded, edited and prepared to represent different types of buildings. The artist will also update the pack in the future.

Technical Details

  • Number of Audio tracks: 10
  • Number of Audio Cues: 10
  • Sample rate \ bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs
  • Does music\audio loop: No
  • How many sound FX: 10
  • How many minutes of audio provided: 24 seconds
  • Intended Platform: PC
  • Platforms Tested: PC
  • Documentation Included: No

Get the pack

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