Stylized Environment Packs for UE4 and Unity

We collected a few complete environment packages from different developers with lots of low poly assets, shaders, textures, and other resources.

Stylized Mega Pack from Clockwise Studio (UE4 & Unity)

Stylized Mega Pack is a large collection of stylized models related to several biomes: Tropical, Winter, Beach, and Space Colony. The product comes with two packages – for Unreal and Unity – and the UE4 set is currently a bit bigger as it includes demo scenes and grass shader, however, both packs are constantly updated, and there are plans to expand the Unity set. Model types include animals, boats and vehicles, buildings, food, people, props, tools, and assets related to winter, beach, space, nature, tropics, and fantasy themes.

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Details of the Unity package:

  • 90 high-quality models
  • Textures res 512 to 2048
  • Polycount 36 to 2600 polys
  • Contains Standard configurations for direct path for URP and LWRP by upgrading materials using the built-in function for that purpose in Unity's editor.

Details of the UE4 package:

  • 92 high-quality models
  • 4 demo scenes
  • 1 particle system (fire)
  • Grass shader with vertex animation
  • 160 textures
  • Texture res 256 to 2048
  • Roughness and AO maps for customization
  • 85 materials and material instances (including landscape materials)
  • Vertex count 1 to 2400
  • Auto collisions

Stylized/Low Poly Asian City from Leartes Studios

Stylized Indian/Asian City is a pack based on Raphael Dabu's environment City of Agrabah that was inspired by Overwatch style. The collection includes models, prefabs, blueprints, decals, tileable and toon shader materials, and other resources used in the scene.


  • 88 meshes (props, buildings, vehicles, and more)
  • 29 prefabs
  • Landscape
  • 92 materials and material instances, tileable materials, and a toon shader material
  • 116 textures (1024, 2048, 2096)
  • Vertex count 12 to 8719
  • Supports Unreal Engine 4.23+

Archaeology Asset Pack from Get Learnt

Archaeology Asset Pack is a library of low poly models for desert archaeological sites. If you are thinking of creating a stylized version of Mummy, this pack is perfect.


  • 64 meshes
  • 2 dynamic particle systems
  • 1 texture atlas for all assets with space for additions
  • Demo scene (Unity 2019.3.0b2)
  • Read Me PDF

The Illustrated Nature from Artkovski (Unity)

The Illustrated Nature is a spectacular organic environment pack created in a unique painterly style and vivid colors. We have already featured this product in the past, but we couldn't resist mentioning it once again. It comes with all essential models for natural scenes, shaders for snow, water, terrain, and animated vegetation, clouds, fog, and demo scenes.


  • 24 models and 40+ prefab variations
  • 2 demo scenes
  • 4 color palettes
  • colored fog image effect
  • Customizable clouds based on particle system
  • Shaders for animated vegetation, snow layer, terrain colors controlled through material, water
  • 14 individual white textures with alpha for vegetation, compressed at a 256x256 size
  • Script for color management
  • Supports URP and HDRP 

Models include:

  • 3 leafy trees (lush and dead versions with LODs)
  • 3 pine trees (green and dead version with LODs)
  • 3 shrubs - (lush and dead versions with LODs)
  • 5 plants (a water lily and flowers)
  • 3 grass (optimized with LODs)
  • 5 dead ground models (branches and leaves)
  • 3 rocks 

Last year, we talked to Dragos Matkovski (aka Artkovski) and learned more about his environment and its creation. Follow the link to read the article:

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