The Animation Workflow Behind God of War Explained
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The Animation Workflow Behind God of War Explained
16 July, 2018

Join Gnomon and Santa Monica Studio’s lead artists Erica Pinto and Axel Grossman to learn about cinematic animation workflow behind God of War. The Gnomon school has recently welcomed top artists from one of the Sony’s studios for a session with students to discuss tips for creating better game animation.

Join Gnomon School and Santa Monica Studio for The Making of God of War—an exclusive glimpse into the art and design behind the latest God of War game for the PlayStation 4. In this three-part series, Gnomon welcomes top talent from the outstanding art teams at Santa Monica Studio for an in-depth look at character rigging and cinematic animation, environment design, and character design.

During the Character Rigging and Cinematic Animation panel, Lead Narrative Animator Erica Pinto and Lead Character Technical Artist Axel Grossman walk through the lifecycle and workflow process of the cinematic animation and technical art teams. Erica and Axel cover a wide range of topics—from the day-to-day of team members to the custom-built software solutions needed to get the game out on time. Follow along for a behind-the-scenes peek at live-action and mo-cap previs, scene editing, character rigging and remeshing, BlendShape rig builds, and a host of additional detailed information and surprises!


You can learn more about God of War’s animation by studying Gnomon’s exclusive article here


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