The Last Night: Pixel Art Cyberpunk Open World Game
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The Last Night: Pixel Art Cyberpunk Open World Game
3 October, 2016

If you’re into games like Another World or Oddworld, you will definitely enjoy The Last Night. It’s an indie game, which is being produced by a small team, headed by Tim and Adrian Soret – brothers, who are really fond of cinematic platformers. Together with a couple of friends, they are building a unique project with Unity 5. It’s an open world project with 4 unique districts, amazing architecture and handcrafted pixel art.



The game originally started as a winning #cyberpunkjam entry, which ran in 691×269 window. It looked primitive, but already showed a lot of potential. After that time the game matured significantly and turned into a massive pixel art masterpiece. What’s interesting about the project is the technology it uses. It started as a classical 2d game, but slowly the developers moved into a 2,5D direction, at least, that’s what it looks like from some of the test shots. The camera is fixed just like in any other platformer. The image is rendered in 3d, with great low poly models and special pixel art textures. This approach definitely requires a lot of time, but the results it gives are just astonishing. However, there are also test images, which look entirely 2d, so it’s hard to tell, what approach the developers use now. Some of the images look like 3d, some are just plain 2d. We’ll try to contact the devs to talk about the technology in more detail.

As the creators suggest, game world has a huge impact on the gameplay. “The Last Night is really about living in the future, about bathing in a post-cyberpunk world“, – said Tim Soret, Creative director & founder of Odd Tales. The developers couldn’t just craft the mechanics in the void, before they had to craft the world, that will support the game.


The animation in the game are done in the same way as the animations in Pronce of Persia. It’s all done by hand and based on the real0life movements. Brothers played the role of the animation models.

We’re not entirely sure, when we’ll be able to see the game, but it won’t happen soon. Soret brothers have mentioned that it took them almost 2 years to actually craft the world (the game was originally announced in 2014), so we’re not likely to see the project anytime soon. It’s still nice to see that the game is still being developed, updates are coming and we hope the development will progress.

The list of game features is pretty amazing:

+ Action & infiltration gameplay in the great tradition of cinematic platformers.

+ Travel between districts using taxis, ferries, or monorail while trying to keep low profile.

+ A diverse, inclusive cast of complex characters to interact with through meaningful, branching dialogue.

+ Varied gameplay such as driving down epic highways, flying drones, hacking droids to do your dirty work and remain undetected.

+ Interactive, in-game multiple-choice events . In tricky situations, run away, argue to gain more time, or try to pull your gun.

+ Living, simulated world with dense crowd of citizens doing their own stuff.


Be sure to check out the official devlog and The Last Night website.


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This is amazing. I only recently started dabbling in pixel art and I am just flabbergasted. Looking at the date of this article I wonder if there has been any progress on the game. Not only have I gained inspiration, I also learned about an awesome game. Thank you ^-^