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The Next Witcher Game Team Expanded to 200 People

CDPR also noted that switching to UE5 has not yet accelerated the development process.

Last year CD Projekt RED announced a new entry in The Witcher series, which is currently codenamed Polaris. In a new financial report, the studio has revealed details about the game's development progress.

CD Projekt RED has confirmed that the team working on Polaris has expanded to 200 people. However, the majority of the company's workforce is currently busy with Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. The release of the expansion is scheduled for later this year.

According to recent statistics, CD Projekt RED has also expanded the Cyberpunk 2077 team, which is set to work on the title's support. Prior to this, the team had been steadily shrinking since June 2022. Meanwhile, it appears that the Spokko team, responsible for mobile projects, which was recently merged with the rest of CDPR, has been significantly downsized.

While The Molasses Flood team continues to work on The Witcher multiplayer spin-off, recent statistics show no changes in the team size. It's worth noting that in March, the development of the title was completely restarted.

Additionally, speaking of the project Polaris, CDPR noted that despite switching to Unreal Engine 5, the studio has not yet seen an acceleration in The Witcher 4's development process. The team is currently prioritizing the creation of new tools and training employees on the new engine.

"We are preparing things on the pipeline side and toolset sides. Some developers are still learning the [UE5] technology, and at the same time, there are teams working together with Epic on all aspects that are needed for our open-world, story-driven RPGs," CEO Adam Kiciński said. "Definitely, for [our] first project, Polaris, it will... maybe not slow down, but it won't accelerate the [development] processes. But for the next projects, we assume that it should smoothen production."

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