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This UE5-Made Recreation of Skyrim's Winterhold Looks Awesome

3D Artist Leo Torres has reimagined one more city from TES V: Skyrim at a more realistic scale.

Freelance 3D Artist Leo Torres continues his incredible series of large-scale 3D environments inspired by Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, reimagining one more of Skyrim's cities at a more realistic and lore-accurate scale.

Having tackled the province's main trading hub and capital, Leo now turned his attention to Skyrim's capital of Magic, or Winterhold, showcasing a more realistic portrayal of the once-great city. Staying true to the game's lore, the artist made Winterhold much smaller than the previous recreations, taking the Great Collapse into consideration and shaping the city to resemble more of a large village, with the ruins of buildings destroyed during the cataclysm still lingering in the background and providing a saddening glimpse into the city's history.

As before, the creator utilized a combination of self-made 3D assets made with Blender and Megascans assets to set up the scene in Unreal Engine 5. This time, however, the artist opted for a newer version of the engine, leveraging Unreal Engine 5.3.2 on a 3060 Ti GPU to render the scene. UE5's Nanite and Lumen have also been an integral part of the pipeline, with Leo using them for all the models and foliage and global illumination and reflections, respectively.

As mentioned before, this incredible recreation of Winterhold is not the first installment in Leo's series. Earlier, the artist also demonstrated the "sixteen times the detail" version of the capital of Skyrim – Solitude:

Showcased The True Scale of Whiterun, a recreation of Skyrim's main trading hub:

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