Turning a 2D Image Into a 3D Mesh in Blender

Hirokazu Yokohara showed how Blender's Displace modifier can be used for extrusion.

Japanese 3D Artist and Generalist Hirokazu Yokohara, whose mind-blowing experiments with various 3D software have already been featured multiple times here on 80 Level, has showcased the results of yet another fantastic setup.

This time, the creator demonstrated how Blender's Displace modifier, a modifier that displaces vertices in a mesh based on the intensity of a texture, can be used for turning 2D images into rough 3D models by extruding the image. According to the artist, the models achieved with this simple technique can then be further refined in order to get the exact result you need.

"Since the depth accuracy is loose, it can only be used without shadows," commented Yokohara. "When I started CG, I thought I had to learn all the advanced modeling techniques to some extent. Now modeling is nothing more than a means to an end, so I try to take it easy and learn as much as I need when I think I will need it."

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