Tutorial: Atmospheric Fog in C4D & Octane Render
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I am very impressed! It is easy to see you are on your way to a well-deserved wonderful future.

An absolutely great read, thank you for this. Really lays a foundation on how to go about the learning process.

Hi Matthew and Mr VFX, I’m currently researching this topic of decomposing images into shading and reflectance layers. I would love to learn about what you are trying to use this for to learn more about applications for this technology.

Tutorial: Atmospheric Fog in C4D & Octane Render
3 April, 2018

Are you trying to figure the tricks of Cinema 4D? Having a hard time dealing with Octane Render? Let’s get some tips from Travis Davids. The artist has recently shared a video guide to setting up atmospheric fog inside the tools. This quick 8-minute tutorial shows all the necessary tricks, so take some time and study it. We’re waiting for your atmospheric shots! 

All credit to inlifethrill for teaching me these atmospheric fog techniques.

Check out his documentation for a more in-depth explanation.

Travis Davids 

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Source: YouTube

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