Tutorial: Lighting for Beginners in Unreal Engine

William Faucher, a creator of educational content for artists and a mentor at CGSpectrum, has published a new tutorial showcasing how light works in real life and how to implement this photo-realistic effect in your projects. 

This tutorial is created by William Faucher, a creator of educational content on YouTube, and a mentor at CGSpectrum. He has been doing 3D art for games, archviz, commercials, and film for over a decade. He contributed to Marvel's Black Panther, and HBO's Watchmen.  

'It’s no secret that lighting is one of those elusive things that can make or break a shot, environment, or character. Poor lighting can make even the best 3D Models look completely lackluster, yet good lighting can compensate for even the most mediocre work. As if lighting weren’t tricky enough, lighting in Unreal Engine can pose even more hurdles due to its occasionally unconventional approach to things. The key to good lighting is being aware of your surroundings, paying attention to how light works, and knowing how to replicate what we see in the real world, in 3D space.", says William Faucher.  

This tutorial aims to help beginners ease their way into the world of lighting, by doing a deep dive into the available tools, showcasing how light works in real life, followed by a few handy tricks to help facilitate the lighting process. Using the free Megascans Abandoned Apartment scene William will be lighting it entirely from scratch, twice. Once with a late afternoon, sunny day style, and a second time, going for a more overcast, gloomy look. After understanding why light looks the way it does and learning how to assess light in the real world.  

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