UE4 Cloud Creation Tutorial
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by Franciszek Zgliński
3 hours ago

9:46 - actually I have a solution for You ;) Try this setup instead of LandscapeCoords node: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N4FMmG4TtRjI8TPTHqD6kKcKolbYGZs0/view

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by Rathan kumar.Muthyam
1 days ago

Thanks for sharing and detailed production breakdown

UE4 Cloud Creation Tutorial
7 February, 2019

Have a look at a guide by Tyler Smith that will guide you through creating a cloud texture to use with a made from scratch master cloud material in UE4. It will tell you about creating a series of masks to drive form and light effects changes for UE4 dynamic sky scenarios. In the end, you will get additional flow map and POM map techniques to bring a full sense of 3D form and organic movement to the cloud formations.

The tutorial requires an intermediate level, so you should be familiar with the basic menus and workflows in Photoshop, and Unreal Engine 4.


  • 120-minute walk through covering the entire cloud texture creation in Photoshop and material set up in UE4
  • 1080 Resolution
  • Photoshop source files and targa textures for clouds
  • Master material setup and material instances for use in UE4 (4.20 and higher)
  • Maya scene for setup for creating flow maps with fluids (including base flow map texture)
  • Basic meshes for cloud plane, sky sphere and basic terrain for using in UE4 engine
  • Textures for Noise mask, flow maps created in video, and Soft sphere normal map

Personal, Indie, and Studio Licenses are available. Please note that personal licenses do not apply to companies. You can learn more here.

Get the pack for $8

Landscape Auto Material by VEA Games is a flexible auto-painting material for Unreal Engine 4 Landscape component. When you are drawing the topology of your landscape, proper material layers are drawn automatically!

Check the full feature list

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