UE4 for VFX: Building and Optimizing Worlds for Real-Time
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Birmingham GB   20, Sep — 24, Sep
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Ohio US   21, Sep — 24, Sep
Los Angeles US   27, Sep — 1, Oct
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astounding work there - hope someone important notices! I'm just jrpg fan. . . somebody needs to hire you!

by Sir Charles
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Yasss you guys rule so much LOVE please do the next part!!!

UE4 for VFX: Building and Optimizing Worlds for Real-Time
13 February, 2018

Do you want to understand how real-time rendering with Unreal Engine can revolutionize VFX production workflows on film and TV? Check out a masterclass from Epic and Gnomon that will help you figure that out. Last month, Epic teamed up with Gnomon to host a masterclass featuring over two hours of in-depth knowledge on the topic from from Epic Games technical artist Homam Bahnassi. Learn how you can build a better VFX pipeline using Unreal Engine and get some tips on optimizing your production cycle with real-time rendering techniques.

Focusing on how to build a better VFX pipeline for Unreal Engine 4, the first part offers a comprehensive overview of the content pipeline and explores the fundamental concepts and workflows that drive real-time performance. It explains and visualizes the entire rendering process and provides a bigger picture look at performance and workflows for real-time in Unreal Engine.

Part two digs deeper into the VFX rendering pipeline in Unreal Engine, focusing on best practices for rendering scenes in real-time and tips for getting the most out of your workflows. It also delivers guidelines and profiling techniques to improving CPU and GPU debugging to get top performance from your VFX pipeline.

Epic Games 

You can learn more about the event here

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