Unity Deals: Working on Character's Animation

Check out a few Unity packs that will help you work on character's animation fast and easy. These packs are still on Black Friday's sale with 50% off. Purchase them before the sale ends. 

Mega Animations Pack Bundle

Check out a bundle with over 300 humanoid-ready animations. The collections come with models, prefabs, and different example scenes. 

This package details:

  • Basic Motions PRO Pack
  • Villager Animations Pack
  • Melee Warriors Animations Pack
  • Caster Mage Animations Pack
  • Throwing Animations Pack
  • Dance Animation PRO Pack
  • Soldier Animations Pack
  • Archer Animations
  • IK Helper Tool

Sci-Fi Characters Mega Pack Vol 1

This pack includes a total of 30 models (robots, creatures, humanoids):

  • Charcharosaurus
  • Gastarias
  • Gastarid
  • Gastaroid
  • Hipposaurus
  • Lucanops
  • Scaramar
  • Tetrapuss
  • Tripodonte
  • Aliens
  • Human Mercenary Female and Male
  • Galactic Dignitaries
  • Sci-Fi Pirate and Lieutenant
  • Explosive Spider Bot
  • Biped Mech
  • Assault Robot
  • Orb-OI and Droid-OI
  • Maintenance Orb
  • Scientist Droid
  • Transport Mech
  • Landing Pod

Runner Action Animation Pack

This package includes about 300 different situational key animations for creating runner games or action characters.

Some details:

  • 337 Root motions
  • 429 Inplace motions
  • Sum 766 Number of files

Female Movement Animset Pro

This package has over 170 animations from which you can make game mechanics for:

  • Standing
  • Walking (including strafing)
  • Running (including strafing)
  • Climbing up and downstairs
  • Crouching / Sneaking (including strafing)
  • Getting up from ground
  • Jumping
  • Falling
  • Interactions (button pushing, picking up objects, levers etc.)
  • Sitting
  • Throwing
  • Sliding
  • Climbing obstacles

Fighting Animset Pro

The pack comes with over 230 unarmed combat animations in FBX format, baked on Autodesk HumanIK skeleton, rigged with Unity Humanoid rig, compatible with any humanoid character.


  • standing movement
  • crouch movement
  • punches
  • kicks
  • special attacks (projectiles etc.)
  • hits
  • knock-outs
  • get-ups
  • blocks
  • dodges
  • jumps

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