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Unity Digest: Stylized Nature & Movement Systems

Check out these beautiful nature packs for stylized environments and amazing character movement systems! Everything comes with a nice Halloween discount.

Character Movement Fundamentals

CMF is a character movement system that has a collection of scripts, components, and prefabs. With its character controller system, you will easily set up characters for believable and versatile movements and reactions in any game from a shooter to a sidescroller. With tweakable movement-related properties, you can control speed, height, gravity, and even make the character walk on the ceilings if you want. Worried about optimization? Different ground detection methods allow you to optimize your project for any platform.

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What's included?

  • A detailed user manual and fully documented source code
  • Character controller system
  • All-purpose camera system
  • 2 example scenes that showcase all the possibilities of the package
  • 12 controller prefabs with no further setup required
  • A collection of basic environment building blocks and a fully rigged and animated low-poly character model for quick prototyping

Boing Kit

The movement system is set up but something is still missing? Boing Kit is an awesome tool for quickly adding life to your project. Stiff movements might look lifeless, especially if you're working on a stylized game, - Boing Kit solves this problem by adding cool bouncy effects by turning bones into dynamic bouncy bones. The bones integrate well with existing boing effectors, lightweight colliders within Boing Kit and Unity resulting in pretty interesting results. Full source code is included and the manual is here.

The Illustrated Nature

The Illustrated Nature is an incredibly colorful environment pack that includes stylized models (trees, shrubs, grass, rocks, plants), shaders, image effects, and scripts. The Color Manager comes with 4 presets/seasons and changes the mood just in one click. The visuals are super saturated, magical, and satisfying to the eye!

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What's included?

  • 2 Demo Scenes
  • 4 Color Palettes
  • Colored Custom Fog
  • Custom Clouds
  • Custom Shaders for animated vegetation and terrain colors
  • Colored Water Shader
  • Color Manager (Script
  • 24 unique models and over 40 prefab variations

Prior to the pack release, the developer gave us an interview about its development. If you want to learn more about his process of modeling, texturing, animating, and creating shaders read the article here:

Stylized Nature Bundle

Stylized Nature Bundle is another beautiful pack for stylized environments that includes trees and leaves variations, rocks, flowers, grass, sunny hand-painted skybox, and more.

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  • LODs and collision meshes for all assets that need it
  • Custom shaders for trees and rocks to enable color variation
  • Translucency and wind shaders
  • A prefab library ready for your needs
  • Atlasing for optimizing performances

Z ! Low Poly Nature Pack


And one more stylized environment bundle with a nice low poly look. Low Poly Nature Pack is for flora lovers. It has a great variety of trees and plants of all kinds from subtropical ones to high-altitude trees as well as coconut palm, cedar, poplar, lotus, cherry blossom trees, phoenix tree, eucalyptus, and way more! What's cool, the developer keeps renewing the pack and says to add needed models per request.

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What's included?

  • Grass/flower/shrub/ benthophyte /coral: 106 types
  • Trees: 180
  • Mushrooms: 20
  • Stone/Cliff/: 55 groups
  • Ground: 26
  • Clouds: 8 groups
  • Terrain: 2 groups


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