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Weekly Digest: Clouds, Cartoon Shaders, Sci-Fi Brushes

This week's selection includes several cloud packs of different size created by Codrut Bolborojan, Adam Homoki's cartoon shaders for UE4, and a few trim and curve brushes for ZBrush from different authors.


Cloud packages by Codrut Bolborojan are a nice addition to any environment artist library. Skies play a hure role in any scenery and can make your environment either falt (if executed poorly) or simply mesmerizing. Unique cloud shapes created by Codrut can help you achieve that mindblowing effect - just fill in your sky with them! 

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First of all, this week, there's a discount code for our readers - use lvl80 and get 15% off! Now on to the packs.

The latest VDB Clouds Mega Bundle 3 in 1 contains 72 assets that can be used in any application which support VDB format. Individual renders are included for each cloud for easy preview. The collection includes multiple resolution of data for each cloud (0.02,0.03,0.05,0.10in terms of voxel size).

The Mega Bundle includes three volumes that you can purchase separately if you want to start with something smaller:

By the way, in the past, we had the pleasure to talk to Codrut about cloud production in Houdini - check out the article!

Cartoon Shaders

Adam Homoki has recently released another Cartoon Cel Shader for UE4 that will come in real handy in a stylized project. Ever wanted to create saturated cartoony scenes with a cel-shaded look? This pack might be just right for you.

The package includes all the assets shown in the video plus a handful of other features and materials:

  • Procedural or texture-based banding
  • Rim light with a shadow mask
  • Stylized specular
  • A pattern for a comic book effect (screen space or UV space)
  • Normal map distortion
  • Mesh outline
  • 6 color parameters
  • 2 cel-shader materials (Opaque, Masked)
  • outline material with 1 instance
  • 2 Material function
  • 2 grass, 1 floor, 1 landscape, 1 light, 1 smoke, 1 wind
  • 5 cel-shader demo material instances, 12 material instances used in the forest scene
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Before, Adam also created a Cartoon Water Shader - the same style, but specifically for water. The pack contains an easy stylized water material and a river tool with many features including:

  • Gerstner Waves
  • Buoyancy
  • Stencil Mask (no water inside of the boat)
  • Caustic and wet sand effect
  • Spline-based river editor
  • Wave resistance around objects in the river
  • Foam around intersecting objects
  • Surface Highlights
  • Water Depth with custom colors
  • Refraction
  • Waterfall
  • Multi Colored Fog Post-Process

Previously this year, Adam shared a breakdown of his Water Shader with our readers. Check it out below if you missed it:

Sci-Fi Brushes

For sci-fi fans, we've selected a few Brush packages for ZBrush that will ease the creation of cables and surfaces.

Sci-Fi Trims Vol.1 by Jonas Ronnegard contains 256 trim brushes as well as .psd, .tiff, and .jpeg alphas. Some of the brushes have several variations forming a highly versatile set of tools to keep near at hand. Note that some brushes are highly detailed and will require a high poly count to catch all the details.

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20 Cables IMM Brush pack by Nicolas Swijngedau includes one IMM multi curve brush and 20 base low poly meshes (OBJ + FBX). Nicolas also released multi-mesh curve brushes for chains and ropes - check them out here.

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If you need more variety for cables, here's another 20 Cables IMM Brush pack created by Dylan Kowalski. All cables inside the pack are Subd/dynamic subd-ready and polygrouped. A perfect fit for sci-fi characters.

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