3D Software Courses for Beginners at Udemy

3D Software Courses for Beginners at Udemy

This week we’ve looked up a few courses on Udemy that introduce the artists to some of the most popular software solutions: UE4, Unity, 3ds Max, Maya, ZBrush.

This week we’ve looked up a few courses on Udemy that introduce the artists to some of the most popular software solutions used in the industry: UE4, Unity, 3ds Max, Maya, ZBrush. If you are a complete beginner looking for guidance in any of these programs, welcome aboard! All the courses come with generous discounts from 70 to 75% off.

Learn Maya 3D Modeling for Unity Mobile Game Development

This course developed by Seven Bulls Games teaches how to create low poly scenes in Maya and import them into Unity for further mobile game development. What will you learn? Basic modeling in Maya, UV unwrapping and texturing workflow, optimization for mobile devices tips, and the integration and setup in Unity. By purchasing the course you will gain lifetime access to all the materials and be able to return to any part whenever you want. The course is inspired by Monument Valley aesthetics, so if you are a fan, it’s a great opportunity to learn how to recreate a scene from your favorite game.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Animation in Unity (v5 to v2018+)

The course is created by Penny de Byl for those who want to learn the animation process from scratch in Unity 3D with Unity Mecanim system. For the course, you don’t need to be able to model or animate in external packages as everything you need is provided. You will go through all aspects of animation from physics, keyframing, forward and inverse kinematics to working with third party assets, setup of the animation controllers and elementary code. The only thing you need is to download the Unity package. This solid course is a must-see for anyone who wants to animate in Unity.

Unreal Engine 4: Learn How to Create a Natural Scene

Created by Michael Gerard, this course covers various aspects of environment production not only with UE4, but also SpeedTree, Quixel Mixer, and 3ds Max. Learn how to model trees and ground foliage, set up material functions and create Master Materials, work with textures, establish lighting, optimize your scene, and more.

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3ds Max Tutorial. Learn The Art of Modelling and Animation

The company Infinite Skills created this course to introduce absolute beginners to 3ds Max. You will get the necessary information about the package: interface, modeling techniques, geometry, modifiers, lighting, cameras, animation, particle systems, and rendering. The course covers everything you need to know to start working in 3ds Max or – if you are an intermediate user – refreshes and helps improve the workflow.

Sculpting in ZBrush

Finally, for ZBrush, we’ve chosen a bestseller course from Milivoj Popovic that explains ZBrush workflow from start to finish. As always, you only need to have the program installed –  the rest from the sculpting basics and interface to special features of ZBrush will be in the lectures. Gizmo3D, Brushes, Dynamesh, ZRemesher, ZSpheres, Booleans, and Polygroups – learn them all! If you are looking for ways to start with ZBrush, this course might be the best choice for you.


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