VectorayGen – a Vector Field Plugin
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Very impressive article Jake! You are very talented.

by Weston Mitchell⛏️🐭
5 hours ago

nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

12 hours ago


VectorayGen - a Vector Field Plugin
26 January, 2018

Check out a vector field plugin by JangaFX called VectorayGen. The tool generates vector fields in real time in a matter of seconds, so it will some your time on dealing with fluid simulations or drawing splines to get randomized vector fields. VectorayGen will let you use vector math principles to create any vector field you can think of. 

Here are some UE4 videos to get you excited:


  • 3D Viewport With GPU Particles and Vector Field Visualization Support
  • A Plethora of Math Operators Such as Rotation, Cross Product, Translation, Randomize & More!
  • Easy to Use UI and Node Graph System.
  • Real-Time Vector Field Updates as You Change Vector Field Settings.
  • Multiple Selection Methods to Manipulate Vector Fields.
  • Intuitive Tutorials and in-software documentation.
  • Presets to learn from.
  • Adjustable particle spawn positions and shape.

The plugin can be used in Unreal Engine 4, Unity and other game engines that use vector fields. You can find more details on the tool and get it here


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2 Comments on "VectorayGen – a Vector Field Plugin"


I’m surprised to see our software on here!

One thing to point out is that our software is completely standalone and is *not* a plugin. We have a plugin for unity that lets it use vector fields from our software. VectorayGen purely generates vector fields in real time and exports them in any way you would like. We built this from the ground up to be blazing fast on modern graphics cards.

We’re working on tons of new features as well and try to update the software at least once a month!

Email me at if anyone has any questions.


oh, man. sorry, we thought it was a plugin! sorry, we’ll follow up with an email.