Winter Environment Asset Pack for Unity
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Winter Environment Asset Pack for Unity
8 April, 2019

Have a look at winter environment asset pack created for quick and quality development of winter nature scenes. The set features additional shaders to adjust the amount of snow on trees, grass, and props. All trees are said to work both with the standard Unity Terrain and the Vegetation Studio system.

“In collaboration with BOXOPHOBIC, we have developed AG Global Settings, an advanced GPU Wind System, intuitive and easy to use,” states the team.

“AG Global Settings give you control of global wind settings such as direction, amplitude, speed, scale, and mesh stiffness. You can control the wind settings both globally across the scene and locally for each material. This allows you to adjust differently the rigidity of the objects and the influence of the wind on them.”


• Compatibility with instanced indirect by Vegetation Studio & Vegetation Studio Pro.
• Amplify Shader Editor support (v1.6.4).
• Amplify Shader Functions included.
• Albedo/NM/AO/Smoothness/Mask and Height maps for all ground textures. The textures are compatible with the Unity Terrain 2018.3 and external terrain tools, such as CTS and MegaSplat.
• GPU global and local wind with advanced control settings (direction, amplitude, speed, size, and object stiffness).
• Real-time wind settings control directly in the scene view.
• Global and local settings for AO/Translucency/Tint Color and Snow.
• Snow on trees trunks using the wind direction
• PBR textures created from scanned data.
• All shaders support GPU instancing.
• Low overdraw for trees with low draw call usage.
• Cross meshes for all last LOD trees and bushes.
• LOD’s for all prefabs.
• Prefabs ready to be used with Vegetation Studio.
• Online documentation.


• 1 Demo scene used in the screenshots.
• 1 Demo scene with all assets.
• 12 Fir Trees (+ 3 Fir Trees with roots).
• 7 Birch Trees.
• 7 Bushes.
• 17 Grass Prefabs.
• 24 Props (Debris, Roots, Planks, Stumps)
• 3 Background Mountains.
• 4 Particles prefabs (Snow/Fog/Storm).
• 78 Prefabs ready to be used with Vegetation Studio.
• 5 Rocks (from PBR Rocks package).
• 6 Ground textures sets: 36 textures with Albedo/NM/AO/Smoothness/Mask/Height.
• 20 Cross Textures for last Trees and Bushes LOD.
• 6 Shaders for Unity Standard with snow (Tree Bark/Tree Leaf/Tree Cross/Grass/Props/Detail Props).
• 6 Shaders for Unity Standard without snow (Tree Bark/Tree Leaf/Tree Cross/Grass/Props/Detail Props).
• 6 Shaders for Vegetation Studio with snow (Tree Bark/Tree Leaf/Tree Cross/Grass/Props/Detail Props).
• 6 Shaders for Vegetation Studio without snow (Tree Bark/Tree Leaf/Tree Cross/Grass/Props/Detail Props).
• 1 Post-processing profile.
• 1 Arrow prefab with all scripts used for global settings (AG Global Settings).
• 5 Scripts for global settings.
• 8 Shader functions.
• 3 Noise Textures that can be used for Global Tint Color.
• 1 Unity procedural skybox preset.


• Only SM3+ hardware is supported.
• Scalable Ambient Obscurance post processing will cause visual artifacts on objects (Unity limitation).
• The objects are distorted when using extreme wind settings.
• Snow parameters from AG Global Settings don’t affect the terrain textures.

You can learn more here. The pack is on sale for two weeks so don’t miss your chance.

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