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ZibraAI is a Ukrainian deep-tech company building a platform for creating AI-generated assets for any virtual world or experience.

"Our team comprises passionate gaming enthusiasts with expertise in machine learning, 3D programming, and physics, backed by years of experience at top-tier gaming and tech companies."

Founded in 2021, the company's mission from the start has been to revolutionize the development pipeline, enabling gamers to enjoy new gaming titles more frequently rather than waiting years for releases.


Since its launch, they have witnessed the expansion of solutions beyond gaming into diverse domains such as VR/AR, filming and production, and edtech.


The team intends to address two crucial content challenges: simplifying interactive VFX creation and streamlining the generation of 3D content and characters.

The company is focused on two core layers:


  • Zibra Effects
  • Zibra Generation

Zibra Effects – is a multipurpose toolset designed to simplify VFX creation by leveraging real-time 3D simulation and realistic physics.


Zibra Generation – Zibra AI engine, which utilizes the power of generative AI to semi-automate the addition of 3D content to virtual environments.


Driven by a unique ML layer, it includes solutions that help to effortlessly generate production-ready 3D objects and characters, PBR materials, and textures from almost any input (text, video, or image reference), saving time, development costs, and providing content creators with more options to bring their vision to life.

Zibra AIRecent articles

Experimenting With Zibra AI's Real-Time Smoke Solution in Unity

Sakura Rabbit tested out the recently updated Zibra Smoke & Fire toolset.

Smoke & Fire VFX Solution For Unity Gets Updated

Create dynamic visuals and game mechanics with the new version of ZibraAI's Zibra Smoke & Fire.

Awesome Real-Time Liquid and Fire Simulation Made in Unity

The author utilized Zibra AI's Zibra Effects toolset to achieve the final result.

Lee Vermeulen's Liquid Physics AR Game Now Features Portals

The developer's digital liquids can now be teleported from one point to another.

Unity-Powered Real-Time Reflections in Augmented Reality

The setup utilizes VR IK, Ultraleap tracking, and Final IK.

A Cool Custom Method for Sculpting in AR

Lee Vermeulen continues experimenting with fluid physics in augmented reality.

Mesmerizing Real-Time Liquid Simulation Set Up in Unity

The project was created by the Zibra AI team using their upcoming Zibra Liquids Pro solution.

Zibra AI Unveils Zibra Smoke & Fire

The company's new AI-powered solution can be used to create high-quality real-time 3D smoke and fire simulations.

Great Real-Time Water Simulation Made in Unity With Zibra Liquids

The project was created by ZibraAI's Mykhailo Moroz.

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