6 Awesome Realistic Material Assets

6 Awesome Realistic Material Assets

We have chosen 6 unbelievably realistic and ready-to-use materials that can help you maintain the believability of the scene and speed up the production of it.

There's no doubt the materials play a huge role in creating the atmosphere of the scene. These little, as they may seem, details such as stains, raindrops, scratches, fingerprints are the key to realism and vibe. 

Some of you might enjoy hand-painting the materials taking time to achieve the desired look - and that is amazing! Others prefer complex procedural materials - and that's awesome, too. Keep doing work that fascinates fellow artists!  

However, if you are in a hurry and you don't have a lot of time to create the materials, you might be interested in the following ready-to-use realistic packs and materials. Take a look below!

Besides, if you are new to the material production or want to enhance your workflow, check out a helpful talk with Bradford Smith where he discusses the advantages of procedural materials.

Here's an awesome animated realistic raindrop material created by Travis Davids! You can add it to any surface with any shape to get a cooling feeling. The raindrops easily blend with various environments, and this particular material might be a nice addition to yours. Also, it's very adjustable and can be used on any 3D geometry surface.

The pack includes:

  • Fully Animated Realistic Raindrop Image Sequence (Drips + Static Raindrops)
  • Fully Animated Realistic Raindrop Image Sequence (Just The Drips)
  • Dirty Roughness Map (Single Texture)
  • 479 Frames
  • 4K Resolution
  • Bump + Roughness Map
  • Set-up Tutorial in Cinema 4D and Octane Render
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Mihai Muscan has a huge pack of different Substance Painter materials that can catch your attention. These materials were created during the production of the Fluorescence scene of which we have a breakdown on our website. You can study the production of the scene here.

They all will work nicely if you want to recreate a worn-out look with scratches and spots. But do keep in mind that these assets can be used in Substance Painter 2018.1.2 and above only.

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Another awesome pack with materials for Substance from Rohan Mahon. There is a variety of presets for you to choose from. They are also simple to use and adjust to any surface.

The features of the materials are:

  • Responsive and easy to use
  • Automatic SmartBlending with any material in your scene
  • 19 different customizable procedural masks or use your own input
  • 35 ready to use Material Presets
  • Build your own material using the exposed parameters or even use existing material from your library
  • Paint directly into Filther to customize it without the use of extra masks


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These water stains can be a good addition to any surface if you want to add subtle touches left by people or weather conditions. These imperfections were created from the real surfaces which makes them hyper-realistic. You can use them in any software. 

The pack is high-quality 4K and consists of:

  • 12 4k Tiling Textures
  • 24 4k Stencils
  • 19 2k Decals

Rusted Corrugated Metal from Megascans Library has all the features of the wear-and-tear material: peeled-off paint, rust, scratches, spots, and damages. You can add it to any environment such as abandoned houses, factories, sci-fi scenes, warzones, etc. Or get creative and try it out in a very unexpected way! 

Damaged Concrete from Megascans Library can serve well for texturing a basement floor. It already has spots of damage that help to create a true-to-life look with some imperfections. It's also quite diverse, so don't hesitate to experiment with it.

If you are willing to learn more, check out this article where Nikola Damjanov discussed how he created 100 materials in 100 days in Substance Alchemist.

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    6 Awesome Realistic Material Assets