Ambient Wind System for Unreal
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by Vaidas
57 min ago

Technically, the artist needs to (and does) credit the author of the artwork he referenced and only mention what and where from the character is. Given that, this is a 3d/gaming/technical thingie-ma-jibs website that does not (and probably shouldn't really) reflect on the circumstance of the character itself, but concentrate on creation and techniques used in creation. The name of the character is referenced, but nowhere on the original art the name Sam Riegel is mentioned. As much as critter community is nice and welcoming, this part of "CREDIT THIS OR CREDIT THAT" irritates me. IMHO, Credit is given where credit is due. This 3d model was made with learning purposes only, whereas the original art is being sold. Instead of commenting "GIVE CREDIT" comment "COOL ART OF SAM'S CHARACTER" or "GREAT CRITICAL ROLE ART". All that said, this is an amazing rendition of the original artwork of the character of critical role. As a critter, I love both this piece and the idea of other critter being so talented! Peace, a member of the wonderful critter family.

by Amy
4 hours ago

You need to make it clear that this is an interpretation of someone else’s character and credit them (Sam Reigel, from Critical Role).

by Amy
4 hours ago

As great as this is, it’s not actually “your character” so you should really credit Sam Reigel of Critical Role who created this character, and make it clear this is your interpretation of it, because you make it sound like it was all your idea.

Ambient Wind System for Unreal
19 July, 2017

Check out an ambient wind system by Sascha Henrichs for UE4 that works with physics, Apex cloth and Speedtree, with particle effects and the simple grass vertex shader. 

This blueprint wind system:

– works with physics
– works with Apex cloth and Speedtree
– works with particle effects
– works with simple grass vertex shader

The Unreal Engine’s native wind object “Wind directional source” will only affect apex cloth and speedtree objects. This wind system affects all possible kinds of actors and objects. Also, wind affected physical actors will be audible when moving. It is possible to trigger rolling or swinging movement sounds as also “OnHit” sounds. 

The Windsystem works with an unbound wind zone and wind actors that react to this wind. 
The wind zone is the class that creates the wind force. The wind actors are affected by the wind. 

To actually have a physical object react to the wind it has to have a new “WindComponent” added to its blueprint components 

Since the possible affected wind objects are all different object classes, a few different approaches are needed to project the wind. 
For the physical actors, the wind is driven by add force, whilst the windload on each wind affected actor is calculated by the objects projected surface area and the objects material density. 

Cloth is driven by a spawned “Wind Directional Source” that is synchronized to the generated blueprint wind. PFX and the Grass shader take their wind strength directly from the wind curves and go through multipliers. Where the PFX wind result drives an emitter parameter and the foliage wind goes into a material parameter value that drives additional World Position Offsets in the foliage shader. 

Sascha Henrichs 

You can find more details on the system and buy the product here

Buy the ambient wind system 

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