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Building Forest Scenes in CRYENGINE with Megascans

Crytek artist Joe Garth goes through the steps of creating a realistic forest scene using Megascans in CRYENGINE.

Quixel and Crytek have shared a new master class, featuring Crytek Senior Cinematic Artist Joe Garth showing how you can create a realistic forest scene using Megascans. The video is a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about how to import Quixel Megascans assets and how well they integrate into the engine to rapidly create realistic scenes.

The artist showed all the steps required to generate and sculpt terrain and hear tips on cinematic composition, the use of the volumetric cloud system, polishing techniques, and how to use the lighting and environment editor. In the end, you might learn how to create a realistically lit, beautifully finished, professional-level scene using Quixel Megascans with CRYENGINE.

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I recorded every step of the construction process, asset import and setup in-engine, using CRYENGINE Sandbox, and setting up real-time lighting/postprocessing/grading. I also composed music for the tutorial.

Joe Garth

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  • Gregory DAYDE

    Very beautiful. I loved to see this video about CryEngine


    Gregory DAYDE

    ·6 years ago·
  • Prithvi Boinpally



    Prithvi Boinpally

    ·6 years ago·

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