Capcom Vancouver goes Unreal
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Capcom Vancouver goes Unreal
13 January, 2016

Seems like Unreal Engine 4 has a new huge supporter. Capcom and Capcom Game Studio Vancouver in particular just announced full support of the acclaimed engine. The company is also looking for experienced developers.

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Here’s the full text of the announcement:

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today confirmed that Capcom Game Studio Vancouver, the development studio behind the acclaimed Dead Rising® franchise, will begin working with Epic Games to utilize Unreal Engine 4 for its upcoming projects. More details on these as yet unannounced future games will be available at a later date. In addition, Capcom Game Studio Vancouver is actively hiring for a variety of development positions to expand its team and welcomes talented professionals who are familiar with the popular game engine and have the desire to create incredible new gameplay experiences.
“We have some ambitious visions for where we want to take our next games and while our previous proprietary engine served the needs for the projects at the time, shifting to Unreal Engine 4 delivers the right tools for our future direction,” said Joe Nickolls, Studio Director of Capcom Game Studio Vancouver. “Not only will we be developing on a powerful and versatile platform, we’ll also work closely with the team at Epic to maximize the capabilities of the latest and greatest technology. Using this industry leading engine also allows us to quickly integrate new talent onto our projects so that we can focus on pioneering new world class entertainment.”

Here’s the list of the available positions from  Capcom Careers website section.

Design Director Producer & Designer Regular Full-Time
Audio Artist Audio Regular Full-Time
Character Artist Artist Regular Full-Time
Sr. Game Designer Producer & Designer Regular Full-Time
Online Software Engineer Software Engineer Regular Full-Time
Level Designer Producer & Designer Regular Full-Time
UI Artist Artist Regular Full-Time
Director of Product Development Project Management Regular Full-Time
Development Support QA & Dev Support Temporary Full-Time
Game Designer, Missions Producer & Designer Regular Full-Time
Technical Artist – Generalist Artist Regular Full-Time
Artist – Weapons Artist Regular Full-Time
Artist (Props) Artist Regular Full-Time
UI Artist – Lead Artist Regular Full-Time
Lead Cinematic Animator Animator Regular Full-Time
Artist (Vehicles) Artist Regular Full-Time
Executive Producer Producer & Designer Regular Full-Time
Lead Character Artist Artist Regular Full-Time
Generalist Software Engineer Software Engineer Regular Full-Time


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