Character Art Deals: Packs and Tutorials

Check out packs and tutorials for character art from Gumroad artists. The compilation has character creation breakdowns and packs with ready-to-use pieces and skin maps.

This pack was created along with the butterfly tutorial from Travis Davids (see below). The collection includes: 

  • 7 Idle Animations (90 Frames)
  • 1 Slow Flapping Animation (120 Frames)
  • 2 Following A Path Animations (90 Frames)
  • Cinema 4D Project File
  • Diffuse, Normal and Opacity Map

Please note that only the wings are animated. The stylized butterfly body has low polycount.

Learn the basics of retopologizing a character sculpt from John DeRiggi. In the tutorial, you will get a step-by-step workflow of making an African wild dog using 3D Coat to create a low-resolution game character for production. 

The pack includes:

  • 8 videos with audio at real-time speed - almost 4 hours of instruction in total
  • 2 timelapse videos of the complete retopology process with no audio - about 42 minutes of demos in total
  • 1920 x 1200 resolution
  • MP4 video format and H264 video compression
  • Decimated OBJ files of high-resolution wild dog body and teeth
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This pack is an addition to the "Adding More Realism To A Daz Skin Shader" tutorial (see below).

With the pack, you will get:

  • Genesis 3 Female Modified Maps - Diffuse, Bump, Roughness - OBJ included In T-Pose
  • Genesis 3 Male Modified Maps - Diffuse, Bump, Roughness - OBJ included in T-Pose
  • Cinema 4D Project File 
  • Tutorial "Adding More Realism To The Daz Skin Shader"

Learn how to work with custom bounding volumes and arrangement points from Travis Davids. The pack also includes a tutorial on how to create your own volumes and points in Marvelous Designer 6 or later.

In the pack, you will find Raf Grassetti’s approach to creating Spiderman and rendering Photoshop files with layers. 

The timelapse is divided into 8 videos: 

  • head
  • chest
  • shoulders
  • arms
  • forearms
  • legs 
  • pose and render

We also suggest checking this breakdown from Ivaylo Ivanov on creating a realistic character.

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    Character Art Deals: Packs and Tutorials