DynaRigBuilder: Creating Dynamic Rigs in Maya
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by Alex Bes
2 hours ago

Thanks a lot for sharing! It's hard to find useful info on lighting.

by diegographics@outlook.com
1 days ago

Wow, that's great. Have to try this out!

Wow beautiful environment. Very thorough and detailed. But I think there are a few images that are not showing up (error?). Is that just me? Interested in seeing those other pictures...

DynaRigBuilder: Creating Dynamic Rigs in Maya
20 September, 2017

Raina Wu, a rigging artist at DreamWorks, presented a tool that can speed up work in Maya when it comes to creating dynamic ropes, chains, hair, tails, tentacles, fins and more in a rig. The tool is called DynaRigBuilder and it’s something else. The tool constructs an nHair-based dynamic rig in Maya that could be used for animating character hair, ropes and other things.

What you get is a compact panel in Maya that allows you to generate the joints needed, plus the IK / FK controls, and incorporate the dynamics into that rig. Place some guide markers to help the system understand where the rig will be placed. 


  • Interactive rig layout
  • Spline IK with multiple controls and length preservation
  • Variable FK
  • nHair Dynamics with key-framed animation as guide (attraction adjustable)
  • Animation blend between key-framed and simulated result

The artist will also add volume preservation, squash and stretch, and a control shape editor as future features. You can find the tool on the GitHub page.

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