Elden Ring Fan Created Amazing Leyndell Royal Capital Miniature

The site is made by hand mostly out of paper.

Elden Ring keeps inspiring creative souls a year after its release and seems to be doing so for a long time. Artist Sky Burkson has presented a hand-crafted Leyndell Royal Capital miniature made with paper, bits of basswood, toothpicks, clear resin, floral wire, and wool batting.

The artist explained the process on Twitter, saying the project started with a fellow player who came up with the idea of making an illuminated Erdtree at the end of 2022. Then, they discussed the architecture of Leyndell, the Statue of Radagon, and the sapling.

After that, Burkson began breaking down Leyndell's regional components, inspired by illustrations of kevins_computer and Luis Melo.

If you like this stunning miniature, you should also check out the Flying Dragon Agheel diorama, the Walking Mausoleum made of LEGO, and this tiny isometric Elden Ring.

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