Epic Games Acquires Twinmotion
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Thats really cool talk :)

Wow it's so refreshing to see projects inspired by serious cinema and even more literature, most 3D artist I know probably never heard of Tarkovsky and wouldn't go through an Art film that is "foreign", 2.5 hours and has really slow shots. It's a shame, there's so much inspiration out there waiting to be taken from all the brilliant XX century Masters of cinema... Keep up the good work, I really hope to see more stuff from you.

Epic Games Acquires Twinmotion
13 May, 2019
Environment Design

Epic Games continues its wave of big acquisitions.

At the beginning of May, the company purchased Psyonix Inc. – the creators of Rocket League. Less than two weeks later Epic announced the acquisition of Twinmotion. This company deals with providing real-time, final-quality rendering through a simple and intuitive interface, using UE4 as a technical base. It’s a great solution for visualization professionals in the architecture, urban planning, and landscaping industries. Being a more approachable package, Twinmotion helps artists quickly produce images, panoramas, videos, and VR content for very demanding clients.

The good thing is that now anyone can play around with this product. You can go to the official website and download Twinmotion for free up until November 2019. You will be able to “keep using this version forever at no charge, with no royalty and no strings attached”. The brightest minds at Epic will continue perfecting the tool and adding new features for architects and designers. Additional features and pricing will be announced at a later date.

Twinmotion features:

— Photorealistic quality in real-time.

— Simple interface. Twinmotions is easy-to-use, so it’s more approachable and manageable even for people with no CG experience. You can just drag and drop lights and materials, or change the weather with a slider.

— Supports different media. Twinmotion helps to export the scene into an image, panorama, immersive 360° video, VR project.

— Compatible. Twinmotion is compatible with ARCHICAD, Revit projects. You can import assets in FBX, SKP, C4D, and OBJ formats.

— Smart Assets. Twinmotions has a large library of over 2,500 objects: furniture, rocks, animated humans and animals, responsive plants, ambient sounds, and so much more.

— Geography-specific context. You can pin a certain geographic location to a project and then download maps and add real-world context to scenes.

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