Fracture FX 2.0 is Out
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Milwaukee US   17, Jun — 22, Jun
New York US   17, Jun — 20, Jun
St. Petersburg RU   19, Jun — 21, Jun
TBA BR   22, Jun — 24, Jun
Amsterdam NL   25, Jun — 28, Jun
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by Charlotte Delannoy
10 hours ago

Thanks a lot ! Did you give some masterclass of something ?

by Hun Young Ha
12 hours ago

How is the Clovers sit on top between tiles? for mine, blend modes doesnt seem to be working... they follow the height of the tiles which results in extreme distortion of clovers following the height changes of tiles

by Gary Sanchez
13 hours ago

I really liked Cris Tales, its a Colombian game, i really like it how it looks, its like a old JRPG with a unique graphic style:

Fracture FX 2.0 is Out
15 June, 2017

Fracture FX, a production-proven, cross-platform demolition solution for Autodesk Maya, has been updated to v2.o. The tool now includes sticky (glue) springs and the ability to transfer simulations from low-res to high-res meshes. 

Fracture FX’s procedural, event-driven architecture allows all users to take complete control of a destruction simulation and final shots in record time. Art-directable simulations, efficient iterations, out-of-the-box usability and world-class customer care are the some of the tool’s keys. 


  • Each license is for one node-locked seat. 
  • Transferring an existing license to another machine costs US$100 and can be purchased here.  
  • We do not offer floating licenses (yet). 
  • A license will work indefinitely
  • Licensee will receive 2.x updates for free. 
  • 2.x updates come “as-is”. Custom builds can be obtained for a consulting fee.  
  • Major upgrades (3.0 for example) will come at a fee.
  • License fee excludes any taxes, shipping and/or insurance charges, and any bank transfer fees. (If any).
  • Important note for existing customers: Fracture FX 2.x will NOT work with a version 1.x license. You need to request a new license.
  • IMPORTANT: It can take up to 24 hours to process a license. Please plan accordingly. 

Buy Fracture FX for $500

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