Free Shaders and Blueprints for UE4
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Super taf! ;)

Ted Bundy's car? :D

Free Shaders and Blueprints for UE4
11 September, 2019

Independent UE4 developer Pavel Ksenofontov shared a list of free goodies. You can freely use these assets for any purpose, including commercial projects.

Fractal Shaders for UE4

Material shaders for Julia and Mandelbrot Set in UE4.

The project includes 6 types of visualization styles:

  • Simple black and white
  • Grayscale
  • Grayscale with Point Trap (with animation)
  • Grayscale with Line Trap (with animation)
  • Point Trap with Color Correction
  • Line Trap with Color Correction


Magic Ball Material for UE4

Great looking material for creating magic balls. When creating the material, the developer was inspired by the appearance of Palantir from The Lord of the Rings.


Scroller Jump Tracker

A small but useful Blueprint that will help you build your scroller game. Blueprint shows you the trajectory and type of movement (walking/falling) of players pawn, so you can build your level better.


Shake VR Components

Shake VR Components allows you to detect “Shake” events. Ideal for use in your VR projects.

The project contains 2 Blueprints:

  • ESVRControllerComponent for detecting Shake Events of VR controllers.
  • ESVRActorComponent for detecting Shake Events of various Actors in the scene.

Download link

Screw Mechanics VR

This Blueprint allows you to unscrew the screws and release the objects fixed by them. Works perfectly with standard UE4 VR Template.

Download link

Other projects

If you liked the free assets from Pavel Ksenofontov, please, visit his page on UE Marketplace.


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