FromSoftware: Approaching Sculpting in ZBrush

FromSoftware: Approaching Sculpting in ZBrush

Have you been wondering about the process behind the monsters of Dark Souls and Sekiro? We have a surprise for you.

Check out a recording from Japan’s ZBrush Merge with the team of FromSoftware. Sadly, the talk features only Japanese comments, but it’s still a can’t-miss video that shows how their artists deal with sculpting in ZBrush

The video discusses character artists’ work and the way they build their game worlds with the help of different monstrous designs.

FromSoftware’s artists who worked on Dark Souls and recent hit Sekiro talk about making creatures and character design in general, using the examples of wyvern and mermaid.

ZBrush Merge is an annual event held in Japan that unites industry-leading teams to share experience and discuss pipelines.

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