GDC 2017: Singleplayer vs. Multiplayer Level Design
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Los Angeles US   27, Sep — 1, Oct
Moscow RU   4, Oct — 8, Oct
Prague CZ   5, Oct — 7, Oct
São Paulo BR   10, Oct — 15, Oct
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GDC 2017: Singleplayer vs. Multiplayer Level Design
18 July, 2017

The team of GDC shared another session from this year’s event, featuring Certain Affinity’s Elisabeth Beinke-Schwartz breaking down the difference between designing single player narrative levels and designing multiplayer levels and sharing lessons learned regarding what you should devote your time to when designing for a SP vs. MP levels in addition to what you shouldn’t waste your time on.

In the end, Elizabeth proves that there are actually several key points that define these two paradigms. First of all, you have to think about the importance of the narrative. You either have to sell it or forget about it if it’s about a multiplayer map. Then you have to choose your focus: gameplay objective or player routes and options. What is more, different routes can always help you. If it’s about single player level design, you can design optional routes for rewards and play styles. If you have to create a perfect multiplayer level, use routes for advanced players and play styles. 

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