GNOMON: A Place Where Artists Grow

GNOMON: A Place Where Artists Grow was lucky to have a small tour around Gnomon and check out the “Territory” exhibition of environment art.

If you’re in 3d art business, VFX, game development, animation (or anything related), you must have heard about Gnomon. I was lucky to have a small tour around the iconic school thanks to Crystal Mora.

Entrance to the place is decorated with cure posters.

Gnomon is epic. It takes half of a huge TV centre right near the Paramount Pictures Studio. You’d never guess it’s there though. But once you get inside, it seem like you’re in the offices of Electronic Arts or Pixar. Art is all around you. You can see pictures, paintings, renders hanging all over the place. It’s 2d art, concept art, 3d environments, character, clay busts of various monsters.

Even the lobby looks amazing. There’s a huge TV with Gnomon Showreel running.

Art is everywhere here.

Can’t go wrong with stormtroopers.

Inside it’s a bit of a labyrinth of laboratories, studios, rooms filled with powerful PCs, arcade cabinets and loads of fantastic art. Gnomon has probably some of the coolest and most dense studying environments ever. Of course, nothing here is smoke and mirrors. Every room has a purpose, every space has a unique function. Gnomon is one of the few schools, which actually makes sure that you have a solid background in traditional arts. Sculpting starts with Clay, not Zbrush. Painting starts with pencils and brushes and not your favourite Wacom tablet.

The frames hold the posters of some of the games and movies Gnomon artists have contributed to.

The classrooms are all super high tach. Glass and computers everywhere.

Hundreds of sketches everywhere.

2d art studio.


These sculptures were created by the students (We thought these were teachers. Yes, students are that good here.)

Princess holds ground.

There’s a big gallery at Gnomon, which has various exhibitions exhibitions. This time it was environment art! It was great seeing the works by some of the coolest artists out there, who were also featured extensively at You can actually see, that Gnomon staff takes pride in the people they work with. The graduates of Gnomon go on to become parts of the biggest games in the world.

Environment art gallery at Gnomon.

David Lesperance is here.

David Lesperance and some Devon Fay.

GNOMON: A Place Where Artists Grow

GNOMON: A Place Where Artists Grow

GNOMON: A Place Where Artists Grow

Here’s some art by Helder Pinto.

GNOMON: A Place Where Artists Grow

Gnomon is not an easy place to get into, though. First, you have to bee good at art (kind of obvious, right). You have to have a good eye, creativity and talent. Gnomon knows how to spot talent. You can tell it from the beautiful works its students produce. And, well, you got to have the money. There are different financial aid programs, but in the end it’s still on the expensive side of things. You don’t need to be fully invested and spend 2 or 3 years there. If you just want to pick up some new skills, apply for some courses and get your things going. Also, there are free online streams, where some of the biggest artists in the business give lectures and talk about their craft. Don’t miss those.

Gnomon Apparel.

If you like art, especially if you like modern game art, you definitely need to visit Gnomon. Studying there is a privilege. It’s a gift.

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Interview with David Lesperance.

Interview with Devon Fay.

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