Houdini Engine: Directed Procedural Workflow in Houdini and Unity

Learn the new features of Houdini Engine in Unity and a few educational resources that will help enhance your Houdini workflow from Paul Ambrosiussen.

Paul Ambrosiussen together with SideFX did an overview of Session Sync, a new function inside of Houdini Engine that allows working with procedural tools in both software at the same time. As an example, Paul showed his way to modify his asset placement workflow using the new functionality.

Paul also is one of the tool developers of SideFX Labs, a free open-source toolkit with over 200 tools that will influence your procedural workflow. He also showcased a few of them in action, including

  • Pick and Place tool that allows creators to place objects more interactively giving control over size and scale.
  • Triplanar Displacement will come in handy if you want to add displacements maps to project geometry
  • Box Cutter uses the boolean tool more interactively. The tool works best for the blockout workflow.

In the end, Paul also goes briefly over Learning Paths, an educational source from SideFX with a handful of courses for various steps of the procedural production pipeline.

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