Houdini: Procedural World Generation of Far Cry 5
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More of these please! I need some good beginner tutorial!

by Berti Hien
2 hours ago

ahahahah Luke hahaha comment of the day !

by Luke
7 hours ago

But can it run Crysis?

Houdini: Procedural World Generation of Far Cry 5
29 June, 2018

The Go Procedural channel on Vimeo has recently shared a recording of a talk by procedural technical artist Étienne Carrier from Houdini HIVE Utrecht 2018 on the enormous world of Far Cry 5. How did the team manage to build a natural-looking game of such a size? In fact, the artists have used a number of procedural tools to generate biomes, texture the terrain, set up cliffs, and more.  

How do you create 100 square km of wilderness with a terrain changing every day? One of the challenges with a modern open world is its sheer size. Not every square meter of the world will receive the attention of a level artist or a level designer. Yet while filling empty space is easy, creating natural-looking environments is a bigger challenge.

Ubisoft’s solution on ‘Far Cry 5’ was to develop a set of procedural tools to generate biomes, texture the terrain, set up freshwater networks, generate cliff rocks and more. Procedural technical artist Étienne Carrier walks you through how they tackled this challenge.

Go Procedural 

Make sure to share your thoughts on the Ubisoft’s approach to setting up huge worlds. 

Source: Vimeo

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4 Comments on "Houdini: Procedural World Generation of Far Cry 5"

Bree Jardine
Bree Jardine

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Kelvin Rosa
Kelvin Rosa

This is Amazing

Matt Murch
Matt Murch

I love seeing these world building tool sets growing. Each project seems to have a unique way of developing their world that really enhances their teams capabilities. I think this ranks up their with Naughty Dog’s and Guerrilla Games in it’s effectiveness! Great work!


This is superb. Huge procedural speed advantages carefully balanced to ensure artistic control is still able to overide and enhance.
Can’t wait to see where they take this next! This and their work on Ghost Recon Wild lands!