How to Create an Italian Ceiling Material 100% in Substance 3D Designer

Cino Lai showcased a new incredible 3D material and shared an in-depth breakdown explaining how it was made.

Cino Lai, a well-known 3D Material Artist and Technical Artist at the Adobe Substance 3D team, has recently unveiled an incredible new material inspired by a real-life ceiling in Palazzo Vecchio, a town hall and museum located in Florence, Italy.

According to the creator, the material was made 100% in Substance 3D Designer leveraging the Spline tools and Path tools, two collections of nodes introduced with Substance 3D Designer 13.0 back in June that can be used for generating and adjusting splines and extracting contours from a mask in the form of a list of segments, to create the intricate details and patterns.

Following the reveal of the new material, the author also shared a comprehensive breakdown providing a detailed summary of the creative process, showing the main nodes used for the project, explaining how the Spline and Path tools were utilized, and more. You can check out the full breakdown by clicking this link.

Earlier, Cino also showcased a colorful embroidery material created with Substance 3D Designer, a collection of photorealistic baseball gloves, a beautiful stylized ivy-covered mech prop made entirely with Substance 3D software, and a Chinese-style embroidery shader, and joined 80 Level to discuss the workflow behind the Stylized Parametrized Forest project. You can check out all of these artworks and more by visiting Cino's ArtStation page.

We also recommend checking out these videos by the Substance 3D team to learn more about the Spline tools and Path tools:

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