Instant Lighting Kit for MODO
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It is greate!

by Marco Baumann
2 hours ago

You should edit the dates: Blender 2.8 will be published in 2019.

by S E O Experts
3 hours ago

llo there mates, it is unlimited molded piece totally portrayed, continue with the broad work continually. Friv

Instant Lighting Kit for MODO
26 March, 2018
CGI/Static Rendering
Environment Art

Here’s a little toolkit by to help you build amazing renders in a very short time.

Richard Yot released an interesting kit, which might help you create beautiful renders in a very short time. This project allows you to light scenes quickly and to ‘get professional lighting results at the click of a button”.

The kit is based on a pretty versatile rig that can create several different looks and moods. It’s a great tool to showcase models, creating product renders. You can also use The Instant Lighting Kit to continue tinkering with lighting and getting more interesting looking lighting.

The package includes 36 different environments divided into 3 broad categories: Studio, Interior, and Exterior. You can pick up one of the 3 categories from the Preset Browser and you can then cycle through the 12 different environments available in each. This is a great way to compare different options and choose the right one in minutes. Once you select a category all the relevant environments are loaded together and you can simply cycle between them. Each environment can be rotated and the brightness can be controlled via the included rig, allowing you to get many variations from the available options.

It’s $30, so it’s not a cheap option, but if you’re already working with MODO, you might as well give it a chance. The short video in this post helps you figure out how to work with it.


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30 buck isn’t expensive! Just stop buying those silly 6 buck Starbucks coffees for a week!! 😉

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