Making a Hogwarts Interior Scene with Megascans Assets

Check out an asset compilation from Megascans Library that will help you recreate the Hogwarts room and set up a magical mood. 

With the freshly announced open-world Harry Potter RPG, we couldn't miss an opportunity to gather together a few assets that will come in handy for the interior scene production from a legendary franchise. Take a look!

1. Castle Wall

The Castle Wall asset will be spot-on for the school building. With random uneven rocks and worn-out look, it will definitely help you set up an ancient, majestic vibe of the whole environment. Feel free to add it as spots in some abandoned rooms of the Hogwarts castle. 

2. Modular Interior Window Wall

Create giant windows in the dormitory or in halls with the Modular Window Wall asset. You can also add some stained glasses to keep it close to the movie as much as possible, and there you go.

3. Wooden Planks

Classic and simple wooden planks will be a good addition to the dormitory rooms or even some old classrooms. Add spots from spilled potions, footprints, and dust to make it fit in the scene. 

4. Fireplace

A must-have for a place from a magical world! Fireplaces in the Harry Potter universe are one of the ways to teleport and come as an essential part of the interior design. We recommend you add such a piece to your environment. 

5. Modular Staircase

And for the last one, check out a Modular Staircase asset that will blend in pretty well with the worn-out spots, peeling paint, and those massive railings. If you're working on the hall environment, then a modular approach is your go-to way to fasten your workflow. 

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