Mastering Your Houdini Workflow with Rebelway Courses

Check out 5 courses at Rebelway that will help you level up your Houdini workflow whether you're crafting environments, simulations, VFX cinematics, or want to dive into coding in the software using Python.

1. Houdini Fundamentals

Join the 8-week course to learn all essential tricks for your Houdini workflow with FX supervisor Corbin Mayne. 
The course covers geometry, simulation parameters, lighting, shading, and rendering as well as includes weeks with an explanation of advanced workflow.

2. Explosion FX in Houdini 

Find out the insights into the explosion FX creation from Rebelway founder Saber Jlassi.

Course details:

  • the basics
  • adding smoke
  • nuclear explosion
  • rings and atmospherics
  • ground destruction
  • lighting, shading, rendering, and compositing 

3. Mastering Environment Creation in Houdini 

Level up your environment art skills together with James Hodgart, CG supervisor at Axis Studios. 

The 8-week course goes with an introduction to environment art and covers all production steps with the following topics: 

  • advanced terrain generation
  • Tree/foliage generation
  • Scene Assembly
  • Atmospherics and Compositing
  • USD, Arnold, Karma workflows 

4. Realtime FX for Films and Cinematics

Join the course on realtime FX focused on Volcano eruption simulations Urban Bradesko. Besides learning how to simulate volcano eruptions, you will also dive into the creation of Projectile FX, Solar Flare Attack FX, Character Ground Slam Attack, and various advanced topics

5. Python for Houdini Artists 

For those, who want to get into coding in Houdini, this course will be spot-on. In 10 weeks, you will learn the basics of Python, then move forward to the practical approach for a month, and last 4 weeks, you will work on advanced TD toolkit to get all the new knowledge together. 

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