Mtree – Tree Creation in Unity
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Thank you for sharing your work process!!

I really like how you've articulated your entire process. This was a very enriching read. A Well deserved feature!

Great article! Thanks for the awesome read.

Mtree - Tree Creation in Unity
25 April, 2019

Mtree is a powerful vegetation solution for vegetation in Unity. This tree editor lets users create AAA-quality vegetation, streamline the workflow and lessen the iteration time. You don’t need to worry anymore about modeling, unwrapping, importing meshes from a different software solution, shaders, vertex data and more.

With the tool you can:

  • Create a trunk of any shape.
  • Add branches, grow them, split stem, add more branches.
  • Add leaves of any shape.
  • Bake the ambient occlusion in the vertex data.
  • Control the polygon count, get the most out of the fewest triangles.
  • Create Branches textures from a single leaf texture with the Branch Editor.
  • Save your finished tree as a prefab that is convenient to use.

The tool will:

  • Automatically create LOD levels
  • Create and assign materials to the bark and leaves of your trees
  • Make branches react to the colliders of your scene
  • Bake the ambient occlusion when you save the tree as prefab
  • Create vertex color data that will be used to drive the wind simulation and random color variation

You can learn more here.

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