Mudbox 2019 is Here!
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Miami US   15, Jul — 20, Jul
Orlando US   24, Jul — 27, Jul
Grapevine US   25, Jul — 29, Jul
Los Angeles US   28, Jul — 29, Jul
Los Angeles US   28, Jul — 2, Aug
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by Carlos Acevedo
6 hours ago

I like the render quality, look very realistic and well integrated with the plate Physics are quite fucked up in that sim, the shuttle goes trough the building as if it was air, the shuttle should get totally designated by the impact Also the full simulation seems to go in slow motion while the cars and people moves on real time The ground destruction looks cool too, and the concept is interesting

by AmsberryLawFirm
8 hours ago

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Mudbox 2019 is Here!
17 January, 2019

Autodesk has announced the release of Mudbox 2019. Dynamic Tessellation, combining and selecting meshes, updates to the patch tool, and more. Let’s check the update.

  • A new Preserve Volume option has been added the smooth tool to prevent excessive mesh degradation, especially when working with dynamic tesselation.
  • Several improvements to Dynamic Tesselation, including support UVs, Selection Sets, Joint Weights, and Falloff Type.
  • The ability to merge multiple meshes into a single object.
  • The ability to separate merged meshes back to separate meshes.
  • A new stamp offset parameter to fine tune the depth of a stamps imprint on a model.
  • A new Delete UVs feature.
  • The patch tool has been updated to allow the user to remove parts of a mesh without needing a hole or border faces in the tessellated mesh.
  • Improved support for HiDPI monitors.

Please note that Mudbox is rental only at $10 per month or $80 a year. You can learn more here.


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Dave C
Dave C

Because it was always GPU accelerated on modern hardware Mudbox is super fast these days. Of course, I’m a bit biased.

It needs 3d painting in PBR. It would be nice to have a particle paint brush that actually works so that baking of AO maps not required. Also track brush position 3d needed. Now that Adobe has Substance you have your shot to develop fast guys. Keep going to help users.

Steve W
Steve W

Stupid Rental. My Zbrush that I haven’t paid for an update in years and is perpetual Trumps that on all counts.

Mudbox is dead