NVIDIA Open Sources PhysX
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that lit

Hell yeah Titanfall 3

by The_Thracian
7 hours ago

It looks very promissing, I hope it meets the demands, we should give indi studios a chance more often.

NVIDIA Open Sources PhysX
4 December, 2018

NVIDIA revealed that simulation engine PhysX is to go open source under the BSD-3 license for desktop and mobile applications. Please note that the EULA remains unchanged for apps that run on  XBox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch. 

You can read the full announcement on NVIDIA’s blog and grab the source code on Githib.

NVIDIA has also revealed PhysX 4 with several improvements: 

  • Temporal Gauss-Seidel Solver (TGS), which makes machinery, characters/ragdolls, and anything else that is jointed or articulated much more robust. TGS dynamically adjusts constraints with each iteration, based on bodies’ relative motion.
  • Overall stability has been improved with reduced coordinate articulations and joint improvements.
  • Scalability now allows for new filtering rules for kinematics and statics in the Broad Phase.
  • Scene queries now support PxBVHStructure, which makes a significant difference for actors with a huge number of shapes.
  • Infrastructure can now incorporate Cmake projects.

Find the full announcement on NVIDIA’s blog.

Source: NVIDIA

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