Open-World NPC Optimization System for UE4

Have a look at Open-World NPC optimization component for Unreal Engine that can give you a performance boost.

The component is said to provide a performance boost by optimizing the NPC out of sight of the camera. It is completely autonomous, so you just need to add it to the AI ​​(NPC) class.

There are several limitations, but it’s an astonishing system when it comes to optimizing projects, especially if you have crowded game levels with a number of characters.

With and Without


  • The component automatically recognizes the purpose
  • Supports the single mode
  • Supports coop mode (Server-Client)
  • Supports dedicated servers
  • The component works on a timer
  • dispatchers and other settings
  • The component does not affect the number of materials
  • The component does not affect the behavior of your NPC and is compatible with the behavior tree.

You can learn more and get it here.

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